Post-Pandemic Fraud Defense

As the COVID-19 pandemic took full form in 2020, fraud industry experts predicted a steep increase in fraudulent claims behavior driven by economic fears and pressures. Different from previous economic downturns, the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been offset by government loans, grants, and other similar financial support mechanisms. As these programs wane, greater subsets of workers will return to the workforce. 

Prepare now for future workers

Whether hiring for a job requiring a new set of skills or re-filling physically demanding job posts, it’s more important than ever to prepare now for what may lie ahead. Safety training, messaging, and protocols need to take top priority for all employers looking to hire to help prevent work comp fraud.

For those not in hiring mode, you are equally confronted with a new employment landscape where retaining quality talent can be extremely challenging as competitors offer various work perks and incentives.

Safety training reinforces to your teams that you care for their well-being and their success within your organization. Beyond the benefit of reducing the likelihood of an injury occurring, supported employees are less likely to resort to filing fraudulent claims.

These resources can help

Here are a variety of ICW Group resources to help prevent work comp fraud as you navigate the new workforce that is now our reality.

I hope this helps you and your business stay fraud-free and thriving in the new age.

Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill is the Special Investigations Unit Director at ICW Group Insurance Company. A Fraud Claims Law Specialist designee, he was a recipient of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association’s Investigation of the Year Award for his significant contribution to the successful resolution of “Operation Back Lash” – one of the largest workers’ compensation health care bribery schemes ever uncovered in San Diego County. Christopher has participated in over 30 criminal cases surrounding medical and legal providers attempting to defraud the Workers’ Compensation system. Christopher’s approach to insurance fraud investigations is a holistic one. From preventative education campaigns, to data analytics, to time tested investigative, and intelligence gathering techniques, it is Christopher’s belief that a multi-faceted approach to insurance fraud is necessary to a successful defense.

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