Your 24/7 Support System for Creating a Culture of Safety

When it comes to running your business, nothing is more important than the safety of your employees.

At ICW Group, helping businesses build a culture of safety is our top priority. As your partner in this endeavor, we have developed safety tools designed to revolutionize how you implement and maintain safety measures.

Safety OnDemand® is an online learning management system with a wealth of resources to help business owners take a proactive approach to workplace safety. Free with an ICW Group workers’ compensation policy, policyholders can utilize customizable training programs, e-learning courses, meeting kits, OSHA program wizards, webinars, safety videos, articles, and so much more—all with 24/7 accessibility and an easy-to-use interface.

This complimentary service empowers organizations to navigate potential hazards effectively and maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations. Let’s look at some key features that workers’ compensation policyholders will find when they visit Safety OnDemand.

Customizable Training Modules

Comprehensive training materials are designed to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate potential hazards in the workplace. Recognizing that each industry has unique safety requirements, Safety OnDemand provides customizable training modules that can be tailored to address specific risks and challenges relevant to a business’s operations. This ensures that employees receive targeted and effective training.

Starting on day one of your policy, more than 500 training courses and videos are available to assign to employees. The Safety OnDemand system sends these assignments with just one click. Built-in analytics reporting lets supervisors track employees’ progress and offers insight into employee trends and completion rates.

Interactive Learning Tools

Employers can choose from more than 500 pre-packaged safety talks with presentations, handouts, quizzes, and videos available to assign as needed. Our interactive e-learning courses cover a wide range of safety-related subjects, allowing policyholders to engage in self-paced learning that is tailored to their specific needs. Ready-to-use meeting kits and safety talks facilitate effective communication of safety guidelines during team meetings, fostering a culture of awareness and responsibility. Features such as follow-up quizzes, simulations, and virtual scenarios enhance the e-learning experience, making safety training more effective and enjoyable.

Extensive Resource Library

Safety OnDemand boasts an extensive library of more than 5,000 materials covering a wide range of safety topics. Engaging webinars and informative videos help ensure that policyholders stay up to date with the latest industry insights and best practices. In-depth articles address key safety concerns and provide expert advice, providing policyholders with a valuable knowledge base.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Staying compliant with safety regulations is a top priority for organizations. Safety OnDemand streamlines this process by offering tools and resources that help organizations understand and adhere to industry-specific safety standards and legal requirements. Our Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant program templates offer custom plug-and-play safety plans.

Planning Tools

Safety OnDemand’s annual calendar feature outlines industry-specific training opportunities and suggestions for monthly courses, helping policyholders create a structured training plan throughout the year.  Safety OnDemand makes it easy to invite employees to participate in relevant training sessions with one-click features that automatically send invites to pre-programmed employee contact lists.

Program Audits

Members can conduct safety program audits as they evaluate the effectiveness of existing safety measures in order to make necessary improvements.

Supplemental Materials

Practical checklists help organizations systematically assess and address safety protocols, ensuring thorough compliance with industry standards. Visual aids in the form of infographics help simplify complex safety information and make it more digestible for policyholders. Posters and signs that contain vital safety reminders can be downloaded and printed for display in high-traffic spaces. These visual reminders help keep safety top of mind.

Safety OnDemand offers a comprehensive and innovative solution for organizations committed to prioritizing workplace safety. By leveraging its extensive resource library, customizable training modules, interactive learning tools, and compliance assistance, organizations can create safer work environments and foster a culture of proactive safety awareness.

Now that you have a better idea of how Safety OnDemand works and what you’ll find on the platform, let’s explore some of the biggest benefits you’ll see once you begin using this comprehensive service.

Cost-Effective Training Solutions

Traditional safety training methods can be costly and time-consuming. Safety OnDemand addresses this challenge by offering free online training solutions that can be completed at the employee’s convenience, minimizing disruptions to daily operations.

Real-time Tracking and Reporting

Safety OnDemand includes robust tracking and reporting features, allowing organizations to monitor the progress of employees in real time. This transparency enables timely intervention and ensures that safety training goals are met efficiently.

Enhanced Employee Awareness

By providing easily accessible and engaging safety resources, Safety OnDemand contributes to a heightened awareness of safety protocols among employees. This, in turn, creates a culture of safety within the organization, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Adaptability to Changing Environments

In dynamic industries, safety requirements may evolve rapidly. Safety OnDemand’s flexibility and adaptability empower organizations to update training modules promptly, ensuring that employees are well-prepared for emerging safety challenges.

Superior safety practices not only ensure that your employees return home safely at the end of each day, but they also protect your investments, ensure your business’s longevity, and signal to everyone who steps foot on the premises that you’re committed to creating a safe working environment. As workplaces and safety practices continue to evolve, platforms like Safety OnDemand will play a crucial role in shaping the future of occupational safety.

Let ICW Group be your partner in creating a culture of safety. Workers’ compensation policyholders can get started with Safety OnDemand today to see how this online learning management system can transform your safety practices.

ICW Group
ICW Group
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