What is a Good Mat for Your Commercial Kitchen

Slips, trips, and falls are major safety concerns in commercial kitchens. An effective way to prevent these types of accidents is utilizing kitchen matting to keep people on their feet. Matting provides a higher friction surface than the installed flooring, which is helpful in a kitchen environment where various liquids, such as oils and greases, are commonly spilled.

What should you think about when selecting a commercial kitchen mat? Whether you have a small kitchen space or a bustling restaurant, material, size, location, and color are all things to consider. Watch this 3-minute instructional video to learn how to select a good mat for your commercial kitchen.

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Brian Piñon
Brian Piñon
Brian joined ICW Group in 2015 and provides risk management services to policyholders in our Northern CA region. As a technical specialist, he also leads the effort to develop and implement new strategies for assessing and reducing ergonomic and same level fall risk exposures. Brian assists clients across a spectrum of industries, including healthcare, property management, warehousing and distribution, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. Brian earned a BA in International Relations from the University of California, Davis. His professional certifications include the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP).

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