Start the Year Safely with These Workplace Safety Checkups

The start of the New Year is a great time to evaluate your workplace safety programs. We’ve compiled a list of safety checkups you can do now to ensure your safety program is ready for the year ahead.

Review Your Illness and Injury Prevention Program – Take a look at your safety plans to make sure they are up to date. Effective safety policies are essential to facilitating a safe work environment and providing a clear and consistent plan for addressing safety at your workplace. If you don’t have a formal written safety program, it’s never too late to get started. ICW Group policyholders can contact their Risk Management Consultant for guidance, and our Injury and Illness Prevention Program wizard will help you build a safety program customized for your organization.

Complete the OSHA 300 Summary Logs Have you completed your OSHA 300A form yet? The 300A summary form records work-related injuries and illnesses that occur during the calendar year and must be posted in a prominent location within your business from February 1 to April 30, 2022. Learn more about the employer requirements, and be sure to complete the form before the February 1 deadline.

Develop a Safety Training Calendar for the Year – Establishing a training calendar at the beginning of the year to ensure your employees are safety proficient leads to a safer work environment. It also shows your employees you care about their wellbeing and safety is a priority. To help, our online platform Safety OnDemand offers policyholders pre-set training calendars for various industries with the relevant resources needed to complete the trainings.

Conduct Equipment Inspections – Anything need to be updated, thrown out, or purchased?  Look at everything from PPE supply and hand and power tools, to the state of your floor matting and the condition of your ladders.

Review Your Emergency Action Plan – When emergencies happen, they require quick and decisive responses. Having an emergency action plan will help prepare your business, establish roles and responsibilities and keep your workforce safe. We’ve compiled emergency planning resources to reference, and if you don’t currently have a plan, this OSHA program wizard can help.

Safety First in the New Year

As your workers’ compensation carrier, we want to help keep you and your employees safe. Take advantage of the free and easy-to-use resources available, and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Risk Management Team
Risk Management Team
Safety is, without question, one of the most important investments companies make. Promoting a safe work environment goes a long way in keeping your workers productive and your costs down. ICW Group's Risk Management team provides a variety of resources to help you create and maintain a culture of safety.

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