Safety OnDemand: Top Courses to Consider for Your 2024 Training Schedule

At ICW Group, our goal is to help policyholders create a culture of safety. Superior safety practices keep your employees safe, protect your investments, ensure your business’s longevity, and signal to everyone who steps on the premises that you’re committed to creating a safe working environment.

Designed exclusively for policyholders, Safety OnDemand® is ICW Group’s online tool to help workers’ compensation customers establish and maintain preventative safety practices. Safety OnDemand is a comprehensive resource and learning management system that features a wealth of information for employees as well as customizable training programs and analytics tools to help employers build and maintain a culture of safety.

Safety OnDemand features diverse resources, encompassing various formats to cater to different learning preferences. Available content includes webinars, videos, articles, meeting kits, training materials, eLearning courses, checklists, infographics, industry training calendars, program audits, OSHA safety programs, and much more.

Filled with engaging content that covers the latest insights across multiple industries, Safety OnDemand is a free service for ICW Group workers’ compensation policyholders that helps business owners take a proactive and informed approach to workplace safety.

Safety OnDemand’s Top Topics

Let’s take a look at the top five topics utilized by our policyholders in 2023: forklift safety, active shooter training, injury prevention, sexual harassment training, and ladder safety. All the resources mentioned can easily be found by searching within the platform.

Forklift Safety Training

Forklifts pose a significant risk if not operated properly. Safety OnDemand’s forklift safety program is crucial to your commitment to promoting workplace safety.

One of the key forklift safety courses, Forklifts and the Pedestrian, emphasizes the risk of forklift-related accidents involving pedestrians, and highlights the need for heightened vigilance from both forklift operators and pedestrians. The OSHA Program Wizard: Powered Industrial Truck Safety course focuses on protecting the health and safety of Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) operators and pedestrians, covering a range of PITs, including forklifts. This safety program aims to aid business owners in their efforts to comply with Federal OSHA standards. As each business is unique, this wizard guides users through the required customization process.

For a quick yet comprehensive overview, the Quick Course–The Basics of Forklift Safety offers essential insights, catering to employees who prefer a streamlined learning experience and may not have time for extensive training. Printable Forklift Safety Checklists can easily be shared with employees, offering a practical tool for assessing and maintaining safety protocols.

The Forklift Operator Program offers a comprehensive six-lesson training that covers fundamental aspects of forklift operation. From stability and capacity to load handling, safe driving practices, safety standards, and inspection and maintenance, this program aims to equip forklift operators with the necessary skills for safety success.

Additional forklift training resources include the Proper Load Handling Meeting Kit, complete with a PowerPoint presentation for facilitating in-depth discussions on proper load handling. The Forklift Training and Certification Instructions offer a 9-step program with formal instruction, lecture discussion, and interactive lessons. Accompanying materials include a Forklift Operator Safety Training PowerPoint, a Study Guide, and an 18-minute Forklift Operator Training Video, providing a comprehensive approach to forklift safety education.

Active Shooter Training

From 2000–2019, 333 active shooter incidents occurred in 43 different states in the U.S., resulting in 2,851 casualties. Active shooter incidents continue to rise across the country. It’s imperative that business owners make sure their employees know how to respond if the unthinkable happens. As it stands, one in four (25%) companies admit that they are currently unprepared for an active shooter incident.

The Active Shooter Meeting Kit is one of the tools within Safety OnDemand that provides valuable information to help increase employee awareness and education. In addition to a presentation, the kit includes safety talks that can be shared with employees, along with important statistics and follow-up preparedness quizzes to help reinforce lessons. Participants will learn how to look for characteristics that a person may be planning a shooting incident, and managers will have the opportunity to develop an active shooter plan that outlines their response and plan to stabilize the incident, as well as how to deal with the immediate aftermath.

In nearly half of active shooter incidents, police are unable to respond in under 10 minutes. It’s crucial to provide employees with information about what they can do during this type of event to keep themselves safe.

Injury Prevention Training

Safety OnDemand’s Injury Prevention Program contains many assets that can be used to help identify and control hazards, leading to a significantly improved workplace environment with fewer injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. Particularly pertinent for employees who work with and around dangerous equipment, our Lockout Tagout Training offers safety talks about this important safety procedure used to ensure proper shut-off and prevent the inability to start up machines prior to completion of maintenance or repair work.

Another area in need of continued focus is slips, trips, and falls. These injuries constitute the majority of general industry accidents and, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), cause 15% of all accidental deaths. Failure to reduce and eliminate slips and trips undoubtedly erodes your bottom line. Safety OnDemand’s Slips, Trips, and Falls Meeting Kit teaches employees good housekeeping and clean-up tips to reduce risk, how to utilize fall protection equipment when working at heights, proper procedures for ensuring the right amount of light is being used for each task; and protective measures for wearing appropriate clothing.

While gloves are the most common form of PPE, hand injuries are still the second leading type of injury on the job. The Hand Safety and Injury Prevention Meeting Kit provides safe work practices and tips that can save lives. These materials offer suggestions for administrative controls like warning signs, product substitution, and more to help protect employees. Keeping our hands protected and out of harm’s way is critical because we use our hands for virtually every task we do at work. A serious injury can result in a significant impact on one’s ability to work and their overall quality of life.

Hypothermia should be on the radar of any business with employees who work outside. A serious hazard if left untreated, hypothermia sets in when the body temperature drops from normal (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) to below 95 degrees. The heart, nervous system, and other organs cannot function normally when the body temperature drops too low. If untreated, hypothermia can lead to heart failure, respiratory system failure, and death. Safety OnDemand’s Hypothermia Meeting Kit contains important information about the dangers of hypothermia, including which symptoms to be on the lookout for and which factors determine if the incident is a medical emergency. You’ll have access to a ‘Dos and Don’ts’ worksheet with life-saving tips to help you assess the situation and act fast to determine if medical care is needed.

Another important consideration in almost all workspaces is ergonomics. Ergonomics plays an important role in individual well-being, productivity, and overall organizational success. Safety OnDemand offers a comprehensive Ergonomics Training module as part of the Injury Prevention program. This course is focused on industrial ergonomics, providing essential insights to safeguard employee well-being and prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and cumulative traumatic musculoskeletal disorders (CTDs). These disorders strain our bodies and, once developed, can take people off of the job for life.

This course shows employees how to recognize core ergonomic principles in the workplace, understand the causes of CTDs, identify common types of musculoskeletal disorders, and establish connections between warning signs and effective solutions. The program emphasizes the importance of implementing ergonomic principles to enhance workplace comfort and productivity while reducing the risk of on-the-job injuries and illnesses.

This course also covers OSHA’s identification of industries with the highest musculoskeletal disorders rates, including health care, transportation, warehousing, retail, wholesale trade, and construction. By exploring the impact of poor ergonomics on the workforce over time, this training underscores the significance of assessing and improving ergonomic health to prevent long-term injuries that may lead to extended work absences.

Incorporating easy-to-follow tips, such as maintaining a natural spine curve, minimizing excessive stressful motions, and using proper lifting techniques, the ergonomics training program aims to instill a culture of proactive health and safety in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment is a prevalent problem in the workplace. Teaching employees what constitutes harassment, how to recognize behaviors that might be considered harassment, and the steps to take should it occur is critical to creating a culture of trust and responsibility.

The Sexual Harassment Meeting Kit and accompanying materials provide an informative presentation that helps employees understand and spot unwelcomed and unwanted behavior. Trainers and supervisors will learn how to define and communicate unacceptable behaviors, how to handle push-back, the best way to address various scenarios, and ultimately, how to lead by example. Sharing these guidelines is an important step in communicating what will and won’t be tolerated in your workplace.

Ladder Safety Training

Often, when a piece of equipment is very familiar and used daily, it’s easy to become complacent and misuse it. Falls from ladders are one of the leading causes of serious injury in business operations in any sector. Every year, experienced workers sustain falls from ladders, seriously injuring themselves because they’ve become so comfortable with this everyday tool that they’ve forgotten how dangerous it is.

Safety OnDemand’s Safe Ladder Use Meeting Kit includes Safety Talks and accompanying Quick Courses that provide lessons around ladder safety 101, essential dos and don’ts of ladder use, tips on staying OSHA compliant, guides for selecting the right ladder for the job, and follow-up safety quizzes to ensure lessons are retained.

At ICW Group, Your Safety is Our Priority

We’re dedicated to providing valuable resources that help our clients mitigate risk and create a safe working environment. We hope you see Safety OnDemand as a valued partner in helping you create a culture of safety in your workplace. ICW Group workers’ compensation policyholders can visit the Policyholder Center today to register for a Safety OnDemand account.

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