Providing Immediate Care After a Workplace Injury Occurs

Even with a robust safety program in place, accidents on the job do happen. How you respond to an accident can be critical. Recently, ICW Group’s Senior Vice President of Work Comp Claims, Amanda Granger, talked to Insurance Business America about the benefits of immediate care following a workplace injury.

Amanda talked with the insurance industry publication about ICW Group’s latest service offering, the Nurse Triage Hotline. The hotline provides immediate access to a registered nurse who specializes in workplace injuries. The nurse assesses the injury over the phone, so the worker knows exactly what to do next. Amanda explains why this kind of intervention is crucial. It can ensure injured workers receive proper care to help prevent minor injuries from getting worse.

She also talked about preventing remote-work-related injuries and measures employers can take to keep workplace injuries from becoming major claims. See what Amanda had to say.

For more information on ICW Group’s injured worker services, visit our Policyholder Center.

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