Five Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview

You’ve been searching for your dream job during COVID-19 and you’ve received a calendar invite for a video interview. Now what? Technology has become our vehicle for connection during the pandemic and virtual interviews have become the new norm. While connecting with prospective employers over video can be intimidating, a little preparation is key. Here are some tips to you help you mitigate any issues and ace your interview.

  1. Have a professional setting. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a dedicated office in their home. Your workspace may be the kitchen table, garage, or laundry room. Using backgrounds from video conference platforms like Zoom and WebEx can help create a professional setting while eliminating distractions in your environment. The focus should be on you and not the pile of boxes in your garage.
  2. Test your internet connection. Check the strength and speed of your connection. Dropped calls and spotty service can get in the way of a successful interview. Consider upgrading your service while you are on the job hunt and turn off any competing devices during your interview time.
  3. Lighting and camera placement matter. Make sure to have good lighting that illuminates your face. There are many inexpensive lighting options available with various settings to give you a natural warm glow. Consider the time of day the interview will take place to avoid unpredictable shadows. Ensure your camera is placed at a good angle and eye level. Taking these steps shows preparation and ensures you can make a good onscreen first impression.
  4. Practice makes perfect. Practice with a friend or family member using the video platform, especially if this is your first time. Test your audio. Consider recording your practice session. Log into your interview at least 10 to 15 minutes early. The day of your interview should not be the first time you are familiarizing yourself with the features of the video platform.
  5. Dress well. Dress as if this was an in-person interview. Dress appropriately from head to toe. You do not want to be caught in inappropriate attire if you must stand up for any reason.

A little bit of planning can ensure a smooth virtual interview. Good luck landing your next role!

Rosalin Castellanos
Rosalin Castellanos
Rosalin is a Senior Talent Associate at ICW Group responsible for communicating job opportunities and building a talent pipeline through social media channels. She also oversees our Glassdoor and The Muse profiles, and visits colleges across the nation in search of recent graduates ready to start their careers in insurance. Rosalin started her career on the commercial insurance agency side and was a licensed agent; this is what built her insurance foundation. She later transitioned to recruiting while working for Insurance Overload Staffing Agency. Rosalin is a Certified Internet Recruiter and a Predictive Index Practitioner and has been recruiting for over twenty years.

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