Your Employee is Involved in a Fraud Scheme, Now What?

We’ve talked about what not to do as an employer to help prevent the likelihood that a professional fraudster will target and hook one of your employees into committing fraud. Now let’s talk about what you can do if you suspect an employee has filed a fraudulent work comp claim.

Let’s say you do everything right as an employer and an unlawful solicitor hooks one of your employees, and your first notice of the event is by litigation documents for a workplace injury from a law office. Now what?

  1. Immediately forward the documents to the ICW Group Claims Department
  2. Contain any video surveillance on the premises of the timeframe alleged that the incident occurred
  3. Identify all team members who would have been a witness to any type of injury or accident
  4. Respectfully inquire from team members if they’ve been contacted by a solicitor for an attorney or a doctor enticing them to sign up for their services
  5. Fully cooperate with ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) efforts
  6. Post ICW Group anti-fraud collateral at the common areas of the workplace to help educate employees

ICW Group believes that education is the key to prevention and that you, the employer, have the power to defend against fraud syndicates and fraud schemes. Your ICW Group SIU Department has a team of experts knowledgeable with solicitation schemes, and we use strong data analytics to root out the actors involved.

You can visit the ICW Group anti-fraud website for information, assistance, and free collateral. If you suspect workers’ compensation fraud, contact our hotline at 855.ICW.FRAUD.

Teena Barton
Teena Barton
Teena is a Major Case Investigator with expertise in capping and organized crimes in healthcare fraud, collaborating with Insiders, and specializing in victimology. She was featured in a nationally covered story by Reveal News and NPR radio called “Billion Dollar Scam.” She is a national speaker and collaborates with an attorney convicted of selling clients to surgeons and who had a role in creating one of the most prolific organized capping schemes in US history to help inform the public. Teena is a former Police Officer/Criminal Investigator and a military veteran, having served during the Persian Gulf War, in Desert Storm/Desert Shield for the US Air Force. She is a Cum Laude graduate of Texas Christian University.

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