Watch Out for COVID-19 Scams

ICW Group is a member of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), an independent entity that partners with insurance companies, consumers, and law enforcement to combat insurance fraud and theft. Inherent to their role, NICB monitors insurance fraud trends, including new COVID-19 schemes.

According to NICB, identity theft continues to be a primary area of fraud concern. Various schemes continue to attempt to steal the personal information of consumers. From phishing emails and bogus car warranty calls to fake COVID-19 testing clinics, criminals continue their pursuit of personal information to use in future financial schemes. Don’t fall victim to this increasingly common threat. Be wary of any unsolicited attempts to gather your personal information, including opening or clicking links in emails that are not from a known source. It is also recommended to monitor your credit report for abnormal activity.

NICB is also monitoring laboratory, medication, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and telemedicine for new schemes to emerge. ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit has a dedicated medical fraud unit that has been successfully monitoring medical provider treatment and referral activity for years. We remain on watch for suspect medical billing patterns that may have occurred since COVID-19 began.

Fraud-fighting will always be a partnership, and you’re encouraged to refer any medical provider fraud concerns to ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit at

Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill is the Special Investigations Unit Director at ICW Group Insurance Company. A Fraud Claims Law Specialist designee, he was a recipient of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association’s Investigation of the Year Award for his significant contribution to the successful resolution of “Operation Back Lash” – one of the largest workers’ compensation health care bribery schemes ever uncovered in San Diego County. Christopher has participated in over 30 criminal cases surrounding medical and legal providers attempting to defraud the Workers’ Compensation system. Christopher’s approach to insurance fraud investigations is a holistic one. From preventative education campaigns, to data analytics, to time tested investigative, and intelligence gathering techniques, it is Christopher’s belief that a multi-faceted approach to insurance fraud is necessary to a successful defense.

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