Up Before Sunrise

In the early hours of the morning, it is not uncommon for ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit to be working. Fraud schemes are often complex. Inherently, they are puzzles that are built to not be discovered. The larger the scheme, the more complex it is, and therefore difficult to identify, let alone determine who the perpetrators are and what they are doing to avoid detection. Our investigators get a jump start on their day, often taking on these more complex puzzles, mixing research with powerful data analytics to cast light upon what was designed to remain in the dark. As the sun rises on the day, fraud analysts and investigators comb through documents, spreadsheets, witness interviews, online references, surveillance photographs, and anything else which may inform their understanding of the scheme. As schemes morph, merge, wax and wane, ICW Group leverages this information to defend our customers from both current and future schemes.

A big part of ICW Group’s fraud fight is investigative surveillance. Surveillance investigators will commonly establish their surveillance position in the early AM hours so as to establish a vantage point to observe the worker, perhaps under suspicion for an undisclosed second job or exaggeration of their true physical condition, as they start off their day. Blending into the background of the locations where they are tasked to investigate, this dedicated group weathers the elements in pursuit of the truth. That clip of video footage which sheds greater light on the injury alleged.

Dedication, resourcefulness, knowledge, and grit, are all accurate descriptions of the professional fraud investigator. All of this, however, rests upon a strong work ethic and passion to protect. Up before sunrise, that is where you will find ICW Group’s SIU.

Good morning fraudsters…we’ve been awaiting your arrival. Coffee? The pot has been brewing.

Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill is the Special Investigations Unit Director at ICW Group Insurance Company. A Fraud Claims Law Specialist designee, he was a recipient of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association’s Investigation of the Year Award for his significant contribution to the successful resolution of “Operation Back Lash” – one of the largest workers’ compensation health care bribery schemes ever uncovered in San Diego County. Christopher has participated in over 30 criminal cases surrounding medical and legal providers attempting to defraud the Workers’ Compensation system. Christopher’s approach to insurance fraud investigations is a holistic one. From preventative education campaigns, to data analytics, to time tested investigative, and intelligence gathering techniques, it is Christopher’s belief that a multi-faceted approach to insurance fraud is necessary to a successful defense.

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