Top Three Reasons Employees Commit Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Creating the right work environment can help employers prevent workers’ compensation fraud. Over the years, workers have fallen prey to unlawful solicitors for unscrupulous providers who make false promises to rope them into filing claims. Here are the top three reasons that led workers to become caught up in workers’ compensation fraud schemes:

  1. The employee did not know what to do after sustaining a workplace injury.
  2. The employee just needed help in dealing with their supervisor during a workplace disagreement.
  3. The employee’s supervisor ignored the report of a workplace injury.

All three of these reasons can be easily addressed and prevented. ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit recommends fostering a culture of being safe and informed.

Educate Your Employees

Taking the time to educate employees about workers’ compensation benefits and what to do in the event of a workplace injury will go a long way. Protocols and procedures reinforce to your staff that your workplace is a well-run machine, focused on the goal at hand. It is equally important that your staff understand the benefits available to them, including the difference between workers’ compensation, disability, and health insurance offerings.

Train Management

Commit to manager training. An injured employee’s complaints may fall on deaf ears if your leaders don’t know what to keep an ear out for. Supervisors and managers should understand the work comp process, including how to investigate safety lapses for appropriate correction and who to notify when an injury does happen.


Don’t ignore complaints of poor working conditions or broken tools and equipment.  Employee morale is maintained by feeling heard. To drive the message home, fix the issue, and then let them know that you appreciate their dedication to a safe work environment for everyone.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Reoccurring and topical safety meetings prevent injuries from ever happening. This goes a very long way in avoiding disgruntled employee syndrome. ICW Group’s Safety OnDemand® offers up a wealth of safety training topics for your use.

Show Compassion

If someone on your team is unfortunately injured at work, show them you care by regularly checking in on them. Most claims are wholly legitimate. Chances are the injured worker wants to get back on their feet and back to work as quickly as possible. Support them now to strengthen the relationship for years to come.

Let employees know that they can report fraud anonymously by calling ICW Group’s anti-fraud hotline at 855.ICW.Fraud (855.429.3728). All statements are confidential and available only to our Special Investigations Unit. You can also use our R.E.P.O.R.T. Worksheet to gather information on your suspicions and identify evidence you may not have considered.

Let’s keep your business fraud-free in 2023. If you have questions or need support, contact us. We are here to help.

Teena Barton
Teena Barton
Teena is a Major Case Investigator with expertise in capping and organized crimes in healthcare fraud, collaborating with Insiders, and specializing in victimology. She was featured in a nationally covered story by Reveal News and NPR radio called “Billion Dollar Scam.” She is a national speaker and collaborates with an attorney convicted of selling clients to surgeons and who had a role in creating one of the most prolific organized capping schemes in US history to help inform the public. Teena is a former Police Officer/Criminal Investigator and a military veteran, having served during the Persian Gulf War, in Desert Storm/Desert Shield for the US Air Force. She is a Cum Laude graduate of Texas Christian University.

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