Protect Yourself Against Work Comp Fraudsters

ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is your advocate and partner in the fight against workers’ compensation insurance fraud.  

An experienced team of investigators and analysts serves to protect the financial well-being of our policyholder customers, the businesses in which they operate, and the communities they support.  

Our experience allows us to act as educated observers regarding insurance fraudsters and the scams they perpetrate. Commonalities observed across schemes serve to inform our fraud fighters better, with the lessons learned passed along to our Policyholders.

Who commits fraud?

It cannot be overstated that every investment in the health and well-being of today’s workers serves to reduce the likelihood that a member of your team will contemplate committing insurance fraud. 

Insurance fraud is commonly a crime of opportunity, but any underlying motivations that help the would-be fraudster justify their actions are typically what puts the scam into motion.

ICW Group’s SIU offers our Policyholders some simple advice to best defend against insurance fraud knocking at your door. To learn more, take a look at our tips to protect yourself against fraud.

While injuries, unfortunately, will happen, and not every scam can be altogether avoided, these tips on investing in the Employee-Employer relationship will help establish a solid foundation from which to build a safe, healthy, and fulfilling work environment for your teams. For more fraud prevention, identification, and fighting tips, visit our Policyholder Center.  

Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill is the Special Investigations Unit Director at ICW Group Insurance Company. A Fraud Claims Law Specialist designee, he was a recipient of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association’s Investigation of the Year Award for his significant contribution to the successful resolution of “Operation Back Lash” – one of the largest workers’ compensation health care bribery schemes ever uncovered in San Diego County. Christopher has participated in over 30 criminal cases surrounding medical and legal providers attempting to defraud the Workers’ Compensation system. Christopher’s approach to insurance fraud investigations is a holistic one. From preventative education campaigns, to data analytics, to time tested investigative, and intelligence gathering techniques, it is Christopher’s belief that a multi-faceted approach to insurance fraud is necessary to a successful defense.

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