Post Pandemic Fraud Prevention

In case you missed it, it’s not too late. You can now view our most recent anti-fraud training session on demand.

During International Fraud Awareness Week, ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit hosted its sixth installment of the Work Comp Fraud: Spot It & Stop It webinar series. Attendees were provided with timely information in the fight against fraud. 

Interested in learning about the trends we’re monitoring during this post-pandemic phase? How might the current hiring challenges, and other economic factors, expose employers to the risk of suspicious claims? What schemes might we expect to reemerge, and what steps can employers take now to avoid them better? We cover all of these topics and more.

Fraud-fighting resources

Interested in more fraud resources? Swing by our library of anti-fraud resources, which are currently available to all of our customers.

All past sessions of ICW Group’s Work Comp Fraud: Spot It & Stop It webinar series are available on our Policyholder Center, along with safety and human resource advice.

Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill
Christopher Dill is the Special Investigations Unit Director at ICW Group Insurance Company. A Fraud Claims Law Specialist designee, he was a recipient of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association’s Investigation of the Year Award for his significant contribution to the successful resolution of “Operation Back Lash” – one of the largest workers’ compensation health care bribery schemes ever uncovered in San Diego County. Christopher has participated in over 30 criminal cases surrounding medical and legal providers attempting to defraud the Workers’ Compensation system. Christopher’s approach to insurance fraud investigations is a holistic one. From preventative education campaigns, to data analytics, to time tested investigative, and intelligence gathering techniques, it is Christopher’s belief that a multi-faceted approach to insurance fraud is necessary to a successful defense.

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