ICW Group Speaks at Workers’ Compensation Forum

ICW Group understands that fraud prevention relies on leveraging the expertise of its fraud investigators by sharing their knowledge of how to defend against fraudsters. The more you know, the greater your chance to protect yourself and your business.

Recently, Teena Barton, a Major Case Investigator with ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit, spoke to a large audience of employers, claims examiners, defense attorneys, investigators, and law enforcement personnel at the annual Workers’ Compensation Forum in San Bernardino, Calif. She spoke alongside San Bernardino Deputy District Attorney Michael Chiriatti to discuss fraud in workers’ comp and the predatory tactics used by criminal organizations in soliciting workers to file work comp claims.

To tap into the wealth of educational resources that ICW Group’s experts have made available to customers, visit our Policyholder Center, where you’ll find anti-fraud webinarsposters, informational sheets, and tools. We’ve got you covered. 

Anti-Fraud Team
Anti-Fraud Team
ICW Group's highly-skilled Special Investigations Unit fights every day to help policyholders prevent, detect and fight workers' compensation fraud. Our anti-fraud team offers advice and resources to help keep your business safe.

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