ICW Group Investigator Speaks at Employer’s Fraud Conference

Prevention through education is a hallmark of ICW Group’s approach to the fight against insurance fraud.   

Teena Barton, a Major Case Investigator with ICW Group’s Special Investigation Unit, spoke to a crowd of over 200 people at the annual Big Fraud Fighting Conference in Cerritos, Calif., hosted by the Employer’s Fraud Task Force. Attendees included business owners, employers, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and local law enforcement officers interested in investigating fraud and mitigating exposure.

Investigator Barton discussed the methods that predatory criminal organizations use to hook employees into filing claims and ways that these fraud syndicates can be deterred and defeated by proactive employee engagement and a proper workplace atmosphere.

To tap into the wealth of educational resources that ICW Group’s experts have made available to customers, visit our Policyholder Center, where you’ll find anti-fraud webinars, posters, informational sheets, and tools. We’ve got you covered. 

If you didn’t have a chance to catch Investigator Barton’s conference presentation, don’t miss our live webinar titled “Work Comp Fraud: Spot it, Stop It” on November 17, 2022. More information on the webinar will be sent to policyholders soon!

Anti-Fraud Team
Anti-Fraud Team
ICW Group's highly-skilled Special Investigations Unit fights every day to help policyholders prevent, detect and fight workers' compensation fraud. Our anti-fraud team offers advice and resources to help keep your business safe.

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