An Eye Witness Beats this Fraudster to the Punch

A former semi-pro boxer, now grounds crew member, claimed to injure himself while working for a Florida employer. While processing the crew members’ workers’ compensation claim, ICW Group’s Claims Department received a tip indicating that the man was recently seen cutting down trees for another company, despite claiming to be unable to work for our policyholder. 

Our quick-thinking witness captured this key moment on a cell phone, sharing the video with ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Based upon the alleged extent of injury being claimed, compared against this new video proof, the matter was promptly referred to Florida law enforcement for prosecution consideration. Within one week of receiving ICW Group’s referral, the case was accepted for criminal investigation.   

Hotline Available to Report Fraud

ICW Group’s anti-fraud hotline, 855-ICW-FRAUD (855-429-3728), allows the public to report suspicious workers’ compensation claims directly to our SIU team. On-the-spot observations can prove invaluable in the investigation and defense against schemers, scammers, and fraudsters. Hardworking coworkers frustrated by a colleague who appears to be gaming the system may anonymously contact our fraud hotline 24 hours a day. 

ICW Group’s SIU will continue cooperating with Florida law enforcement as this matter progresses through the criminal investigation process. What could have been a black eye of an insurance claim is now up against heavyweight evidence. 

Interested in learning more about ICW Group’s fraud-fighting efforts, visit ICW Group’s Policyholder Center

Teena Barton
Teena Barton
Teena is a Major Case Investigator with expertise in capping and organized crimes in healthcare fraud, collaborating with Insiders, and specializing in victimology. She was featured in a nationally covered story by Reveal News and NPR radio called “Billion Dollar Scam.” She is a national speaker and collaborates with an attorney convicted of selling clients to surgeons and who had a role in creating one of the most prolific organized capping schemes in US history to help inform the public. Teena is a former Police Officer/Criminal Investigator and a military veteran, having served during the Persian Gulf War, in Desert Storm/Desert Shield for the US Air Force. She is a Cum Laude graduate of Texas Christian University.

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