All I Want for Christmas is a Security Camera

Surveillance can play a pivotal role in a workers’ compensation claim investigation.  Whether it’s performed by the insurance company or captured by a business’ internal cameras, surveillance can help determine if an injury was fabricated, if complaints are inconsistent with physical activity or if an injury did occur as claimed.

In a recent ICW Group policyholder case, a female worker claimed head and neck injuries from being struck in the neck by a 10lb object thrown at her by a male co-worker. Video of the incident was captured by the employer’s surveillance camera and was provided to ICW Group. The footage shows activities inconsistent with the female’s statement and contradicts what she alleged took place.

What really happened…

In the video, the object does not contact the female worker, evidenced by visual contact with the object and her lack of reaction to what might occur if struck in the neck. Further investigation revealed that the thrown object weighed less than one ounce and was the size of a plastic bottle cap.

Based on the suspicion that the injury did not occur as claimed, ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) reported the matter to the county District Attorney. The agency has determined enough merit to conduct an investigation, and the worker’s fate remains at the hands of the justice system.

Don’t be left in the dark

SIU works on many cases arising from employer-provided surveillance video that contradicts what an injured worker alleges took place. For that reason, we encourage customers to invest in surveillance cameras around their businesses and review the footage once an injury is reported. 

For more information on how you can prevent fraudulent claims, check out our Policyholder Center, where you can obtain reference guides and watch informative webinars about fraud detection and mitigation.

Lindsey McLain
Lindsey McLain
Lindsey is a Supervisor in the Special Investigation Unit at ICW Group. Lindsey has investigated 100s of cases; many resulting in criminal charges filed by state prosecutors, and thousands of dollars in restitution paid to ICW Group. In addition to conducting fraud investigations, she also presents and produces anti-fraud training for ICW Group personnel, and hosts fraud prevention webinars that reach thousands of customers nationwide.

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